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Why TruckFinder?

If you're a bodybuilder, dealer, fleet manager, or in any way responsible for specifying commercial vehicles, TruckFinder can save you time and money.

View a graphic representation of the vehicle, while you...
  • Drag-and-drop body, ancillary, trailer and graphics positions
  • Instantly calculate weights and dimensions
  • Observe the effect of 'diminishing loads'
  • Add ancillaries from the library of 'fridges, taillifts, cranes and hydraulic tip gear, or add your own.
  • Optimise the driveline combination (gearbox, tyres, rear axle) for locale and terrain
  • Customise wheelbase and rear overhang (including vans!)
  • Optimise pallet loading for multi-drop operations and best weight distribution

Ask yourself: How much time will it take me to...

  • obtain complete vehicle specifications from the manufacturer?
  • create the vehicle drawing with body, ancillaries, trailer and customer livery?
  • calculate axle weights and determine payload?
  • ensure weights and dimensions are legal?
  • do it all again if (when!) the customer changes his mind?

With TruckFinder, all this is done for you. It's as simple as selecting from a menu.